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Let’s write it off

I really  don’t  know where to begin !  There year started off well I’d trained great through the winter on the turbo . I was hopeful  that COVID. Wouldn’t  get in the way of my summer ride through France from St Malo 2 Nice . I then ended up with surgery on my hand / finger for a detached Vola plate . Then in May I was in and out of hospital for a month with abdominal pains results in surgery to remove my gallbladder and then another procedure to remove a gallstone stuck in the bile duct.  Finally recover from that to have my back flare up again and am now about to have a double  Discectomy to sort out this problem once and for all ( been on and off for six years )  So this site and content have fallen woefully short of what I’ve hoped for.  Fingers crossed the new year will bring new good fortune  See you on the other side  Nic 

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