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Let’s write it off

At the end of December 2020 at work during an incident with a pupil ( I’m a teaching assistant in a special needs school) I badly dislocated a finger. I’d detached a small bone in the finger called a Vola plate. After various tests etc I ended up having an operation on it in February 2021. So unfortunately early part of the year no riding. After the operation on the finger all is ok but those fiddling about jobs on the bike are not so easy as it’s not as agile as it was and road bike riding a bit harsh on the hands, bit annoying. Anyway started to recover got a few short rides in and looking forward to the summer and my next big charity ride I had to cancel because of Covid in 2020.  After a few episodes of, what I thought was a bit of bad indigestion, I got rushed into hospital in Devon ( visiting my in-laws) . Turns out this was because my gallbladder was badly inflamed and infected. So spent 2&1/2 weeks in hospital there being stabilised . I was very jaundice and so the

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