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With all that has gone on with COVID. and lockdowns etc I’ve found it incredibly frustrating and difficult to get organised and motivated for my unsupported ride from the North to the South of France. But I’m beginning to believe ( dare I ?) that at the end of July it might actually happen. 
The ride, route and funding is all down to me and the money raised will all go to Bowel Cancer UK and mental health charity ( the sponsorship page is yet to be set up) 
I have been lucky enough to have been sent a new saddle from the very kind and helpful Dr Vince at Infinity Bike Seats  . The Idea behind the range of saddles they supply  is that you sit in “the pocket” and effectively your seat bones are supported in a kind of hammock? Now they will explain that a lot better over on the website so please head over and check it out if you use the discount code Gravel4U you’ll also enjoy a nice discount. Currently I’m still turbo training using the saddle, due to a nasty finger dislocation meaning I have my ring finger in a plastic splint.  With a trict instructions NOT to ride outside in the bad weather and run the risk of further complications, before a likely operation!!
My impressions of the saddle so far are really very encouraging,, still slightly tweaking the position but managed a two hour seated climb yesterday on Zwift with  very little bottom discomfort which is brilliant. More on this and a video as soon as I can get out and about . That’s all for now 😁👍


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Supported by Infinity Bike Seats

Supported by Infinity Bike Seats
For discount: Use code Gravel4U

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