More set backs !

 A week ago I ended up in A&E in Portsmouth abdominal pain. They thought I might be badly constipated and released me with 4 days of laxatives. Saturday we traveled down to Exmouth to see my in-laws and Saturday night I ended up in A&E Exeter. 
Still here 4 days later on  the morphine and IV. Had an ultrasound scan and endoscopy yesterday . So they are pretty confident gallstones are the issue, ( apparently I have plenty!!) however I’m a bit Jaundice which isn’t good.  so they think a stone may be stuck in an out tube or something like that. 
so they will need to do an MRI Tomorrow 🤷🏻‍♂️ .Then they can make a decision on what to do if it is there. Gallbladder is likely to need to be removed at some point but that might not be until the inflammation and infection is reduced . So not sure what is happening next ? I’ve had two attempts at a slice of toast since Saturday but each time it makes the pain gets worse. At least I might be thinner when I get back on a bike  ... not a diet I’d recommend though way too painful 😣


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