Let’s write it off

At the end of December 2020 at work during an incident with a pupil ( I’m a teaching assistant in a special needs school) I badly dislocated a finger. I’d detached a small bone in the finger called a Vola plate. After various tests etc I ended up having an operation on it in February 2021. So unfortunately early part of the year no riding. After the operation on the finger all is ok but those fiddling about jobs on the bike are not so easy as it’s not as agile as it was and road bike riding a bit harsh on the hands, bit annoying. Anyway started to recover got a few short rides in and looking forward to the summer and my next big charity ride I had to cancel because of Covid in 2020. 

After a few episodes of, what I thought was a bit of bad indigestion, I got rushed into hospital in Devon ( visiting my in-laws) . Turns out this was because my gallbladder was badly inflamed and infected. So spent 2&1/2 weeks in hospital there being stabilised . I was very jaundice and so the plan was to treat with IV antibiotics so I was well enough to get back to Portsmouth where I live and have the gallbladder removed as soon as possible and the infection and inflammation was down. They didn’t  want to remove it at this time as they felt it was too dangerous whilst unstable. Eventually got back to Portsmouth at the start of June. Before the operation could be planned I was back in hospital having an emergency gallbladder operation. The day after the operation I had a second to remove a stray gallstone that had lodged itself in my bile duct!

Now whilst all this has been going on I was suffering with the two prolapsed discs I mentioned. 

Eventually I got out of hospital after the operations and infection and settled.So managed to start my recovery and even got a short break away in Madeira at the end of August. 

Now knowing all my best charity bike rides for this year  we’re shattered long ago. 

Middle of October I get a call saying I’m finally at the top of the list for my double discectomy on my back . Spoke to my long suffering wife,  I was making a pretty good but slow ( bike wise) recovery from the gallbladder surgery, so we thought let’s just get it all done and dusted. So on the 25th October back operation was done and I was mighty impressed with the back and the prospects after a few days finally it looked like I had a back that could work well again . 12 days later dressing was removed to discover wound was open and I had a nasty infection . The surgeon reviewed it and said I’d have to have another operation to clear out all the infection and stitch me back up . Antibiotics onboard and a week after the second operation wound looking good just keep up the antibiotics and all should be well. 

Two days later I’m back in A&E uncontrollable shakes hi temperature, I now have Sepsis!! So blood tests several different antibiotics and an MRI later results in the discovery I also have an abscess on my spine.. !!

I have also been clever enough to grow two separate bacteria one in the abscess and one swimming around my blood stream. The plan now is having spent just over a week on IV antibiotics I shall now switch to two different antibiotics and attack them both at the same time, dual therapy. Although my liver has taken a battering it’s likely to make a full recovery in time . I shall be off work on antibiotics for at least 3 months ……

So that’s had me lying here in bed thinking 🤔 that’s the end of February . That would give 4 months of training 🤔 that means I’ve got loads of time to get ready for some sort of charity ride in the summer. I plan to get back on the bike as soon as I can . So sorry for lack of content this year  


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